The Fine Print

It’s all fun and games until someone plagiariazes something or gets offended. So let’s get this cleared out before it gets embarrasing for all involved.

The blog theme/skin belongs to: the people who designed the Fictive Theme.

The Café Nox logo and typewriter picture are mine.

Unless specified, everything on this site is the property of: Diana C. Quaintance, a.k.a. Me. You might also know me as Diana C. Mejia, or Diana C. Mejia de Quaintance. In case you want to get picky. My oldest readers might still know me as The Beast. You cannot use anything that I have written, drawn, photographed, created, etc in any way, shape or form without my explicit, written consent.

All views, reviews and opinions on this site, unless otherwise stated are my own. If you find them strange and/or offensive, there are many wonderful websites for you to read. I welcome constructive criticism and dialogue. Behave like an asshole and I’ll ignore you, because I have better things to do with my life.

Last updated: December 7, 2016.


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