One Book July 2015 finale…

…a bit late, but better late than never.

Hope everyone’s doing well. In the last couple of weeks we had visitors and EB turned 1 and  learned to pull himself onto the couches in our house. So a whole lot of childproofing has happened.

Anyway….One Book July 2015 came to an end almost two weeks ago while my brain was going wild.

What has happened to the Hobodori system?

Let’s recap how it began and how it changed midway.

The original concept was very compact: A Kokuyo cover holding an A5 Hobonichi Avec and two Moleskine (one for notes and one for a food log). The pen was the Jetstream included with the Hobonichi and I had a jarrito charm hanging on the side.

Hobodori 1.0


Midway through July, the Hobodori had split up into two books: the Avec was alone in the Kokuyo cover (with the food log Moleskine piggybacking in the outside cover). I had also acquired a Vandori cover which was sporting two Moleskine for writing. The Jetstream valiantly trudged on.

Hobodori 2.0


Where am I now?

The Hobodori 2.0 goes on with some additions. Shall I call it 2.1?

Hobodori 2.1

The Avec still rides solo in the Kokuyo cover. I removed the food log for practicality, but more on that below.

The Vandori has expanded into 4 Moleskine, which fit comfortably in the cover. Why did they multiply? I belong to a FB group for planner enthusiasts who also write. There was an ongoing discussion one day on how to keep track of more than one series or book. Some said they kept a planner for each, some used a binder or arc system and dividers. And some people said they used a Midori cover with an insert per book. The idea struck me as interesting and I decided to use the Vandori as my writing notebook. I have a Moleskine per subject: novel, short stories, brain dump and journal. I recycled the food log into the brain dump insert




I also used some washi to create tabs for each month in the Avec so I could jump easier between them.




The Avec has become part food log, part bullet journal, part etc. I filled out a mock page on a July daily I forgot to use to give you an example. The hourly breakdown column on the dailies is my food log. The 5 item to-do in the header is used for appointment/birthdas/anniversary reminders. The blank portion of the daily is my bullet journal planner and daily notations.

I got rid of the food log insert because the Avec was already open to a daily page every day and since I don’t make many appointments, I needed something to write there. While I initially thought about keeping the log separate, if I need to submit my log to the doctor, I can just transcribe everything to a template [note to self: design a template].

mock page


The Jetstream is still rocking and while I don’t plan to change it, occassionally a Sharpie pen makes its way onto the pages. My “One Book” changed a lot during the month and I’m glad I participated in the challenge. You can’t find out what will/won’t work for you unless you actually put it to the test. The Hobonichi 2016 store is set to debut on September 1st and I’m looking forward to getting next year’s planner.

I hope you had a fun OBJ 2015 and your planners went through this month with flying colors.

Have a great day!


Hobodori 2.0 and One Book July 2015 update

One Book July 2015 is halfway done. If you participated this year, what have you learned about your planning style?

My Hobodori planner has become my Hobodori System. The Hobonichi and Moleskines combo work very well, but they needed to split up. Why?

I ended up feeling the need to separate my daily planning from my journaling and writing.

So, the Hobodori 2.0 is in fact a split system that works together.
Allow me to break it down, along with my One Book July 2015 update:

1. On Day 1, I forgot to add: a pad of sticky notes. I always keep one in my purse.

2. The Hobonichi side:
Now flying solo in the Kokuyo cover. I absolutely love this notebook/planner. From the Tōmoe River paper to the grid. I’d often heard the Tōmoe described as “Bible paper”, and I agree. It’s very thin and smooth, and it feels wonderful to write on it.
I only write with a pen, so I can’t attest to Tōmoe’s abilitiy to take just about every single writing/color/art media around.

Because it is so thin there is some shadow of a ghost on the backside of the page; and it doesn’t particularly bother me. When it comes to writing pressure, I’m somewhat average. You can feel it on the back of the page as well, but I like the “used” texture it creates on the pages.

Unlike the full 12 month Hobonichi Cousin, the Avec does not have a weekly layout. I did not think this was going to be an issue for me, since I don’t have many appointments, but I was surprised to find I actually miss it.
I started listing/notating holidays, events, etc on the monthly layout and journaling on the dailies.
I found I missed the weekly layout for appointments and other week to week occurrences.
I even though about getting a weekly calendar to use for the rest of the year, but I think I will make do with what I have in the setup for now. Sticky notes can help me with appointments.

I have, however, decided that I will be getting the full year Hobonichi Cousin for next year. I like the A5 size and I have plans for the layouts.

Sorry about the lack of interior pictures. I’ve been journaling personal material and you’d just end up staring at a blurred out picture if I put them online.

The Avec on its own in the Kokuyo cover fits quite nicely. I’m hoping the full Cousin will fit there, considering that the Avec and two Moleskines fit comfortably. Just in case, I’ll start saving money for an actual Hobonichi cover.

3. The Midori side:
I really, really love the concept of the Midori Travelers Notebook. I wish I’d found out about them years ago.

Why didn’t I get one now?

– Size. The regular size seemed a bit awkward. The passport seemed a bit small.

– The placement of the closing elastic on the back cover. I’ve never held a real Midori, so I don’t know this for sure, but I feel like it would bother writing on that side of the notebook. Real Midori users, please feel free to correct me. I’m curious.

– Availability of inserts. I know that there’s 1000+ tutorials on how to make your own inserts. But I have a limited amount of time in which to work. I type up posts, edit and upload pictures for this blog on my phone, between baby naps, meals and other housework. My crafty endeavours need to be very easy and very small. Measuring, cutting and binding inserts would take too long for me at this point.
I could, of course, order Midori inserts or Etsy inserts, but I’d still end up with shipping costs and wait time.

{……….I really need to open my own stationery store}

I like using Moleskine in part because I can just go to the bookstore and buy a couple of packs of three cahiers, and they work well with my A5 setup.
I’m sure that if I had found out about the Midori when we were stationed in Japan, I would’ve had the opposite situation. Moleskines would’ve required shipping and the MTN inserts would’ve been a drive away. In the end, it’s more an issue of availability over size.

So…..the Moleskine are out of the Kokuyo cover. Where have they gone, you ask?

I’ve been doing a Konmari purge/house cleaning (more on that on another post). I found a couple of things I could sell, so I went ahead and jumped into the Fauxdori wagon.

The Vandori, sold by VanHook and Co. , is made from tooled leather, has 4 elastics, spine closure and is beatiful. It popped up on Instagram as one of the more affordable leather Fauxdoris.
I ordered the A5 size and it fit the Moleskines nicely. I don’t have a lot in it right now, just two different writing notebooks. I’m trying, within the limits of my randomness, to remain with my One Book July setup.
I do plan on adding more to it after July. There are good tutorials for folders that seem quick projects.

Do I still long for an original Midori TN? Kind of. It is the doom of your hobbies. My husband has the same issue with camera equipment.

I know myself well enough that at least a passport size Midori might end up on my table someday. I’ll have to keep up with the Konmari cleaning and sell more things, haha.

What else has changed in my setup?

– A quick pen loop for my Hobonichi. Quick project by Robyn Lott.
– My food log hasn’t gone into the Vandori. I’m leaning towards keeping daily life in the Kokuyo and writing in the Dori. I have, however, left the food log in one of the cover’s outer sleeves, so I can grab it easily.

The Hobodori System 2.0 has expanded and morphed some, but I am definitely enjoying it!

I wish you all a great day!

One Book July 2015

I found out about it while watching a video by Mylifemitts

The challenge: one book, one pen, one month. There are addendums, but those are the basics. You can follow the links above for more in depth information. 

So I’ll be doing a month-long test of my Hobodori to see how it runs. 

The Book: as described in my previous post, a Hobonichi and Midori mix composed of three sections. 

The Avec for a planner, sketchbook, journal, etc. 

A Moleskine cahier as a food log. I keep it separate from my journal, because while dealing with gestational diabetes, I had to keep a very strict log of everything I ate and the log would be reviewed and photocopied every appointment. I’m trying to get my health in check, so I’m starting a log in the same fashion I used then.  

One more Moleskine cahier for writing. I need to get back into storytelling and this will be my tool for the month. In my previous post, I was using the notebook that came with my cover, and while it’s a nice notebook, I really like the Moleskines. 

The Pen: Jetstream included with the Hobonichi. It has three colors: red, blue and black. 


And that’s about it! I’ll post any progress shots on Instagram (@cafenox). 

Have a great day!

The Hobodori 1.0

Disclaimer: None of the companies mentioned in this post are sponsoring me. They don’t even know who I am. The views and blunders are my own. Thank you. 


If you’re in the planner universe, you’ll be used to all the funky names for planner combinations. The KikkiCondren, the Fauxdori, the Fauxbonichi, etc.

Meet the Hobodori. What in tarnation am I talking about?

A Hobonichi-Midori Travelers’ Notebook mashup (someone out there has a Midorichi).

My mind jumps around a lot, so bear with me.
It all started with this picture:

I’d decided not to buy materials to make a Fauxdori for the time being,  but I kept looking around at what other people where making, because I obsess about researching.

Thus, I found the Filodori (Filofax+Midori), clicked on the hashtag and my brain flipped a little. People where removing the binder rings from their Filofax covers, making holes on he cover (some adding eyelets), threading elastic string and voilá ….Midori cover.

It attracted me immediately for one very important reason: I’m very rough on the items I carry around. It just happens.
While the idea of a Fauxdori seemed interesting, I wasn’t sure how well the basic cover would hold up to me being me. But the idea of spending that much on a ring-bound planner, to then make holes in it wasn’t very exciting.

Much clicking of links took me to the Flexdori and it seemed a better solution. A basic notebook cover turned Midori cover using a plastic insert and elastic bands.
So, I looked up the Flex line at Filofax and boy is it expensive. Specially since the Flex are very limited in the U.S. store, so it would imply international shipping prices. Not to mention that their cheapest offering was in Magenta, which is happily tap dancing in my “oh, hell no” color list.

Back to the drawing board!

I started looking for other notebook covers, which could be sourced locally or nationally and in colors/designs that didn’t make me cringe.

I did think of Oberon designsI have bought two of their electronic covers in past years and not only are they gorgeous, they’ve put up with an awful lot of mistreatment from me and are still shining. I found a video where someone used an Oberon journal cover for their Hobonichi. I asked them about it and they were spot on with their answer: the cover button would get in the way. So, I moved on.
[Oberon designs does make some amazing covers in general and I heartily recommend them. I love mine. They just didn’t work for my purposes in this case. I did email them about Midori covers a while back and they seemed interested, so fingers crossed. How many times do you think I can type the word cover in a sentence?].

The search continued. And it somehow landed me on this post by Patrick Ng. The Kokuyo Systemic Refillable Notebook Cover looked like a promising idea. They have a new ‘model’ for this product, but I liked the original better.

I’ve enjoyed Kokuyo Campus products before. I own B5 and A5 binders by them and their filler paper is very good quality.

I wasn’t aware they sold a notebook cover, so I went looking for info on it, and I ordered one from JetPens. You can also purchase it through Amazon and other vendors.

The cover is offered in black/grey and red/grey in both A5 and B5. It is made of canvas, comes with one notebook (fits two Kokuyo Campus notebooks) and features two bookmarks, elastic closesure and the fabric layering on the outside creates pockets to store pens, papers, etc. on both sides.
I do have to warn you, that there is a bit of a smell to the cover and notebook when you pull them out of the wrapper. Plastic-y. I set them out on the counter overnight to air and it’s pretty much gone.

[Planner charm by LittleWitchHandmade]

The Kokuyo fits the Hobonichi like a glove. Right now I have the Avec, the included Campus notebook (for writing) and a Moleskine (food log) in it.

I tried doing a Flexdori type insert, but I think I need a sturdier material for it to be successful.  I will be trying again, once I can figure out what to use (I have a few ideas in the works). I don’t mind leaving the Moleskine loose for the time being. The notebook cover keeps everything tightly together once it’s closed. I’m not posting a picture of it, because I’m still playing with the design.

The cover does fit about four Moleskine if you’re thinking down the Midori road.

Have I considered making a Hobodori out of a Hobonichi cover? Yeeeees @_@

It will require saving many many pennies and waiting  until next year. If you try it out, do let me know how it works for you.

I haven’t worked too much with the Avec, because it isn’t July yet. I’ve entered birthdays, anniversaries, etc. So far I’m liking the paper and I think it’s going to work well for me. I have come to notice, though, just from writing things here and there, that grid paper is my friend and my next Moleskine cahier purchase will be in grids.

I tested out the multicolor pen that came with it on a sticky note. I’d forgotten how much I love Uni fine points and ink.

I also found some nice stickers at Michaels and couldn’t help myself. All planners need a sense of humor and what better way to decorate the inside cover of your planner, haha.

The Hobodori keeps on trucking and I’ll keep on working with it. Hopefully, version 1.0 will give way to a greater 2.0. I can tell you this…..planner peace is settling in.

Thanks for reading!