[Last updated: 08/31/2015]

The Cast of characters:
Diana, the Wandering Librarian (a.k.a. Me).
The Bear (a.k.a. The Husband <3).
EB (a.k.a. The Toddler <3).
GB (baby on the way <3)
Watson and Reese, the cats, who are currently upset about the fact that EB seems to be taking over THEIR house, hahahahaha.

Instagram: @cafenox / #cafenox / #cafenoxstories

Why Café Nox?
In my wild moments, I’ve dreamt of owning a café. They are amongst my favorite places. Nox comes from the fact that I’m a longtime insomniac.

How often do you publish?
Currently, once a week. Other posts might appear randomly if randomness is required.

What is the Café Roundup?
Lists of fun things I find around the web.

Just HOW does your brain work?
THIS is the best explanation I can give you. Substitute the performers with my brain cells and you’ll have an idea. If you’re drinking something, you might want to set it down.

Why do you watermark your photos?
I am perfectly aware that I’m not a particularly great photographer, but here’s the thing….I like researching things. And sometimes, that means surfing around websites, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. I find it very annoying when I find a picture about something I want to research further and there is no clue as to what website it came from. So I mark mine. Might sound silly, but there you have it.


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