Aaaaaaand, we’re back to one book.

Despite all the pretties out there, I kept going back to the Hobonichi Cousin.

Searching information about bullet journaling on a Hobonichi is hard and I just couldn’t find a hashtag to use on instagram for reference…..is it a Hobobujo? A Bujonichi?

I like the sound of Bujonichi, so I’ll stick to that while planning around.

Let’s explore this thing:


  • Hobonichi Cousin Avec. I bought it when book 2 of the Avec set went on sale by itself. It runs from July to December.
  • The Uni Jetstream included with each Hobonichi planner.

The picture below contains images that belong to Hobonichi. Click here to explore the planner in depth. Click on the image to view a larger version of it.


What has changed since I last pondered planning? I had a Hobonichi Weeks, the small, portable version of the Hobonichi (monthly and weekly layouts only).

Between a 2 year old, a nearly 2 month old and an impending move sometime around the end of the year, I’m a little overwhelmed. More than a little to be honest.
I thought I’d never need dailies, since I’m a stay-at-home mom and the fanciest things I get to do on a daily basis are laundry and cleaning.

The problem with that thought was, that when you’re home all day, everyday, the days tend to blur one into the other and before you know it, another week has gone by and you’re not entirely sure what has been accomplished – or not -.

Around that time, Hobonichi set for sale volume 2 of the Avec planners, which runs from July to December. I got the A5 version of it.

The Cousin has a Yearly index, which I’m using as a meal planner for the time being. Monthly layouts are for quick view of upcoming events and dailies are for well….daily events. Although there’s “to-do” elements to my dailies, I have more “ta-dah!” logs to see what I’ve done. Specially when it comes down to deciding what to take/leave/sell on the way to our next base (which I’m listing in the blank memo pages in the back).

What has happened to the Midori/Fauxdori notebook? I still have it and I still have plans for it, but that planning will have to wait for later.

Until then, have a great day!



…..my name is Diana. 

And I’m addicted to notebooks. And pens. And and and……I’m trying to resist the temptation to buy another. 

…I’m not sure if I’ll succeed @_@

The Bu in the Jo

As I mentioned before, I love the ideas behind the Midori, the Bullet Journal (a.k.a. Bujo) and Hobonichi. 

I talked most about my Fauxdori in the previous post, but do I bullet journal? What happens to the Hobonichi?

By their powers combined, I schedule things. 

This is pretty much what it looks like:

 Anything that has a specific date, goes on the dated side. 

I use one of the right hand columns for meal planning, although I usually write the meals after the week is over as a log of what we’ve eaten and to give myself an idea of what works/doesn’t work. 

The remaining space on the right goes to my weekly checklist. Right now, it’s mostly an ongoing thing: 2 laundry days a week, vacuuming, etc. I add part of our pre-moving schedule: paring down, donation items, etc. Thibgs get migrated/cancelled depending on how things are looking up. 

And that’s about it. Nothing fancy, just keeping myself accountable. 

2016 planner setup

Around this time last year I was awaiting the arrival of three planners. All three bought on a sleep-deprived crazy moment.

A couple of months into the new year, I’d decided that I had chosen poorly and needed to plan for planning. I found the Midori, the Bullet Journal and Hobonichi. And my goodness, are they beautiful.

Over the year, messing around with layouts and ideas, I came to realize that what I needed was a weekly task layout and a way to keep track of long-term plans and random information. I love random information.

So this here…..is my starting setup for 2016.

A Hobonichi Weeks and a wide Fauxdori/Vandori from VanHook & Co. I love the tri-color pen that comes with Hobonichi planners.

Although I loved my forays into Hobonichi-hood, as mentioned above, I need a weekly layout. The Weeks let’s me have the lovely Tomoe River Paper, and a dated planner that fits nicely in my purse.

The Vandori gives me what the Midori system is loved most for…being able to morph into pretty much¬†¬†whatever you want. During 2016, I have about 2-3 main events¬†that will take over my life, one of them being our impending move later this year; and although we still have no clue where we’re going yet, there is about a million and one things to do, including reducing the moving load.
Part of the ‘not knowing where’, includes not knowing what size of house/apartment/abode we have to prepare for and reducing what we have is a must. When we arrived in Alaska we had about three pieces of furniture and they were the kind that could be pulled apart for travel. We have acquired a few things in the last 3+ years and have to figure out how to move with them, yay! A part of me is glad my husband is close to retirement.

So my Vandori has three inserts: brain dump, planning move and long-term goals. I decided to start a “100 things in 10 years” bucket list kind of projects and it’ll travel with the Vandori for the coming years. The inserts are two May Designs notebooks and one Moleskine cahier. I wish the May Designs were cheaper and had less pink in their layouts, haha.
The triple rivet bookmark I got from Hobonichi as well.


And that’s about it for my super duper fancy planning. I still don’t do stickers, washi or fancy pens. I like to doodle from time to time, but that has to wait until I have actual time. Exciting my planning is!

We did acquire a large desk calendar and hung it from the wall, so we could ‘sync’ our appointments and plans a little more easily.

I hope your 2016 has so far been great for everyone!


It will remain a common denominator on this blog that I don’t have much free time. Between a toddler and an impending move, I will find myself running around like a chicken with its head cut off for the foreseeable future.

I do love to write, keep my mind moving. Unfortunately, my mind peeks out its sad, weary, lonely head randomly when I type on this blog or try to do some journaling. Some days, I can unwind on a page and some days I can barely form a coherent sentence.

Much like this post! ūüėÄ (coffee and tea have been trying to kill me lately, so my brain is running on fumes).

Moving right along……

Not too long ago, this popped up on my IG feed:


I followed the link back to the blog post and found the concept of keeping a logbook interesting. The author also linked towards two more sources:¬†Austin Kleon’s Blog (who seems to be the origin idea for many logbooks I found)¬†and¬†Mike Rohde’s blog.

Growing up a child of two countries (the U.S. and Mexico), meant that we travelled a lot to see family. We’d drive up to visit my grandparents in Colorado, or around Mexico. Old fashioned, get-in-the-car and drive adventures. The kind that drive you insane until you’re older and remember them fondly, hahahaha.

Anyway, during those trips we kept a logbook of our traveling. As it were, I was in charge of keeping it: mileage, pit stops, hours, where we stayed for the night, random adventures on the way, the occasional flat tire, weather, etc. Over the years we accumulated a stack of little black notebooks with all our travel data, which my Dad used to do planning for further trips. Most importantly, they are good family memories.

So, while I’m not always up for trying to write down things on a journal in nice, flowing sentences, the notion of writing down daily family events for posterity, even if it’s in a log form does appeal to me greatly.

Additionally, following Mike Rohde’s blog link up there, had me reading on Sketchnotes. I’m not sure I’ll fork over the money for the books and videos, but it did make me think back on my high school and university notes.
You know how some children in school learn better when they’re allowed to work at a standing desk? I am unable to pay attention in a lecture unless my hands are occupied. And notes alone don’t fit the ‘occupied’ bill as often as I’d like. I spent most of my classes drawing and sometimes even knitting. My teachers were often confused by this, but they eventually figured out I could follow what they were saying when I was busy. I haven’t looked at many of those notebooks in years, but if I remember well, there were more doodles than actual notes on the pages. It made studying for finals very interesting! Ha!

I’d like to start journal/logging again, coupled up with doodling and sketching, and see if it helps with trying to keep a type of record for the coming year.

Do you write down your daily memories? Do you journal? Log?

Have a great day!


Hobonichi 2016 haul. 

Disclaimer: Hobonichi is not sponsoring me. They don’t even know who I am. The views and blunders are my own. Thank you.

Good grief.

This was a tough decision.

On my last Hobonichi post, I mentioned that I was going to use September as a trial of sorts before making a final decision on which of the planners to get.¬†Plans kind of backfired a little on me, but I’m still happy with what I got.

I can’t remember whose video I was watching on the Techo line, but I remember that they had gotten the original A6 size, because the Cousin seemed a little too much space to deal with. I pondered on that, and came to the conclusion that they had a very valid point. The Cousin might not be your standard letter size page, but sometimes it’s a little daunting to fill out a daily. At least for me. I have a considerably amount of empty space just hanging around.

So I started leaning heavily in the direction of the A6 Techo. At the same time, I had started looking up reviews and pictures on the Weeks planner. ¬†These days, I don’t have much in the way of daily appointments, but more of a list of things I would like to accomplish by the end of the week. ¬†So, a part of me started leaning heavily on the Weeks direction.

Split 50/50. What to do?

I went back to my initial points on planner choosing.

  • I needed a weekly to-do list.
  • I needed a monthly layout to do some forward planning.
  • I needed a daily food log.

Luckily for me, Hobonichi introduced a feature in their store, where after you hit purchase on your order, you can go back and place it on hold for up to 60 days. Gives you time to decide if you really really want the items, add things, remove things, etc.

Unfortunately for me, I’m brain dead. As soon as I realized that the Hobonichi store was open for business on launch day, I – along with a few thousand other people around the world – started hitting refresh on their page. And it took me about half a day to actually place my order: the A6 Techo with the Framboise Chocolat cover. I had planned to go back and place it on hold, but the site was so slow, that by the time I got to it, the order had been processed and I couldn’t.

As I waited for my order to ship, I spent a few days looking at other things offered in the site, and ended up ordering the Red Weeks.

So I had two orders on the way instead of waiting the whole month to ponder on what I really wanted. Ha! Mommy Brain attacks again (though let’s face it, I’d be a scatterbrain even without a kid).


Here’s the Techo and Weeks side by side for comparison. The Sharpie pen is there for size reference. I had heard that the original Techo was roughly about the size of a 4×6 postcard/photograph and I can attest to that. Both planners fit comfortably in your hand and are pretty light. The red in both covers is gorgeous.

I’ve linked their respective “Features” pages above, but I’ll share with you some things that I liked.

The inside of the Framboise Chocolat cover is a nice chocolate brown. The “Q” sticker is mine, not included with the set.

Both planners have a monthly section. The Weeks monthly squares are one grid taller, but they are narrower.

Both the Techo and the Cousin have received an update in the daily sections. Before every month begins, there’s a “Remember this” page for monthly goals. I like this a lot!

The Weeks has the whole year in a two page layout for easy viewing. As usual, Saturdays are in grey, Sundays in pink (the other pinks are Japanese holidays). The space on this layout is very small to try to write in it, but I think for someone who is tracking something specific (expenses, weight, AIC, etc), it could be very handy. I’m still planning what I’ll be tracking here.

As its name indicates, the Weeks has a weekly layout. Mon-Sun on one side, and grid on the other. The dated side has three nearly imperceptible dots along the division lines so you can section off each day into three parts if you need to. The grid page also has very slight delineations to help create sections as you see fit.

Both the Techo and the Weeks have a blank grid section at the back. On the Weeks, however, this section includes an index at the front of the section and all the blank grid pages (71 of them) are numbered.

And that’s it for my Hobonichi haul! I’m still deciding how I’m going to use both planners and I’ve found some very good ideas to proceed, but I’d like to refine them a little more before I post anything specific about it.

Do you use Hobonichi? Which one did you get for next year?

Plan with me? 

In the world of planner fans, “plan with me” videos and posts are popular. You can watch someone use washi, markers, stickers and other fun things to create a beautiful layout.

I started thinking about mine and then one of the planner challenges on Instagram was “My planning routine”.

My planning sessions are akin to the ‘squirrel!’ moments by the dogs from the movie “Up”. Every time I hear movement through the monitor, I freeze.

Usually, it goes something like this:

EB is out for a nap.

  1. Must do everything I haven’t been able to do: dishes, laundry, drink my lukewarm coffee, try to remember if I’ve eaten yet, use the restroom, look at the window for a few seconds.
  2. Remember that I have a planner.
  3. Where did I see it last?
  4. *EB!!*
  5. False alarm. What was I doing? Have I sat down and taken a deep breath today?
  6. Planner, I was looking for a planner.
  7. Need to rotate laundry.
  8. Laundry rotated.
  9. Where did I last see planner? *checks under couch*. Got it.
  10. Where’s my pen? *checks couch*. Nope.
  11. Where did I last see pen?
  12. *dishwasher beeps*
  13. Found pen.
  14. *EB!!*
  15. Another false alarm. Did I actually eat?
  16. *stands in front of fridge and stares at food* when did I last shower?
  17. Oh, yes planner.
  18. EB is up for real this time.

Set planner on a shelf and go back to being Mommy until next nap of the day happens (if it happens)

  1. EB’s napping!
  2. Must rotate laundry again.
  3. *toss clean laundry on couch and halfheartedly attempt to sort it*
  4. Must put dishes away.
  5. There was something I was meaning to do.
  6. Oh, planner. Where did I leave it? Under couch again? Nope.
  7. I really should start dinner.
  8. *gets stuff out*
  9. *EB!!*
  10. Nope. Food, I was plotting food. Planning foo—-Planner! I was looking for a planner.
  11. *chops ingredients, goes looking for planner*
  12. Planner found, where was that pen? *finds pen*
  13. *EB!!*
  14. Another false alarm. *sets planner aside, attempts to cook*
  15. *cats decide it’s time to race through every single room in the house, while singing the song of their people*
  16. *checks temperature, decides 33¬į and raining might be too cold to toss cats outside*
  17. EB is up. Thanks, cats.

Set planner back on shelf, kick myself for not using the restroom while I had a chance and get EB up, attempt to feed him a snack while cooking dinner. Eat, shower EB, pjs. Play time. Bring in last load of laundry and attempt to fold it, while EB helps me sort socks. And by sort, I mean grabbing handfuls then running up and down the room shaking them. This kid loves his cardio, haha.

By 10-11 pm, he finally goes to bed, I manage to put laundry away, put dishes away, attempt to put toys away so we don’t trip over them too much.

Finally! Planner time.

  1. Grab planner.
  2. Grab pen.
  3. Sit down.
  4. Stare at planner for five minutes, while trying to remember what I wanted to plan in the first place.
  5. Realize I’ve been sitting down on the couch for at least five minutes staring at the blank page, and I might have fallen asleep with my eyes open.
  6. Scribble something random, put everything away, try to plot anything necessary for the next day and crash in bed.

There you have it! A play by play plan with me session, by yours truly.


October Challenges

Sometimes it’s easy to find inspiration to be creative. Sometimes its hard. Too many things happen in daily life and in my case, trying to find the time to finish a cup of coffee is a hard enough task (finding the cup of ice cold leftover liquid becomes a challenge, as I stick the cup on whatever shelf I can while running after EB. It’s become a rather creative endeavour on its own).

There’s challenges out there to help the creative juices. They’re aimed at a variety of subjects from drawing to journaling, calligraphy, etc. Bottom line….getting you to be creative.

Here’s a few:

Listersgottalist¬†– Created by The Reset Girl, there’s daily prompts and at its simplest, it is about making a list based on the prompts, decorate, etc. You can also use them if you’re out of journaling ideas. A new list goes up each month. Check out the hasthag #listersgottalist on instagram to find out how people have made this challenge their own.

Llamas love lettering October challenge РCreated by Cindy Guentert-Baldo, the lettering challenge is a lot of fun. You can also find her awesome Llamas Love Lettering tutorials on Youtube. This is her second lettering challenge, and the first one (#creativechallengegonewild on Instagram) was a lot of fun.

InkTober РCreated by Mr Jake Parker, the challenge consists of ink drawings/doodles. One a day for the length of October.

It is never too late to start plotting your¬†NaNoWriMo¬†adventure. Whether you’re a planner or a pantser, you can use October to either draft your story or collect the tools of your trade (candy is a tool, I swear it is).

Are you doing a challenge this month? Know of different challenges? Let me know!

Hobonichi 2016 Lineup.

Disclaimer: Hobonichi is not sponsoring me. They don’t even know who I am. The views and blunders are my own. Thank you.


Hobonichi released the covers for their 2016 lineup as a preview. The 2016 store will go live on September 1st.

The preview is in Japanese, but per their Facebook release:

The English descriptions will be available once the English 2016 online store is all ready. For now you can poke around the photos in the Japanese site, and we’ll be introducing covers on the Facebook page as we go along. Once the 2016 English store is live, you will also be able to purchase the Weeks and avec books without having to go through the Japanese store.

Being able to order the Weeks and Avec through the English site will be a nice update for many people. It wasn’t an impossible task to accomplish through the Japanese site, but this makes it handier.

I can’t believe I’m typing this, but I’m actually wavering between the A6 and A5 planners. Functionality, price, size, portability, etc. All are factors affecting my decision. I might hold off on buying one on release day¬†and use September as my personal “One Book” in terms of planning.

I’ve also decided to get a Hobonichi cover for my next planner. I’ve watched many video reviews and they’ve won me over. Cover-wise, the new lineup is nice, though I wish the same colors and designs were available for both sizes of planners.

I love the basic navy and red covers in the A6 size, but they are not available on the larger one.

A6 navy and red

There is a Hello Kitty cover available for both sizes and I can hear some of my friends hyperventilating and camping out at their computers until September 1st so they can be the first to get it.

A6 hello kitty

Also in the A6 size, “run run run” is pretty cute.


A6 run run run

In the A5, “Marini√®re” is pretty and colorful. From the date on top, I asume that it will be available in November.

A5 Mariniere

Much pondering, much anticipation. If you’re a Hobonichi fan, which covers do you look forward to the most? Which size will you be buying?

Have a great day!!


One Book July 2015 finale…

…a bit late, but better late than never.

Hope everyone’s doing well. In the last couple of weeks we had visitors and EB turned 1 and ¬†learned to pull himself onto the couches in our house. So a whole lot of childproofing has happened.

Anyway….One Book July¬†2015¬†came to an end almost two weeks ago while my brain was going wild.

What has happened to the Hobodori system?

Let’s recap how it began and how it changed midway.

The original concept was very compact: A Kokuyo cover holding an A5 Hobonichi Avec and two Moleskine (one for notes and one for a food log). The pen was the Jetstream included with the Hobonichi and I had a jarrito charm hanging on the side.

Hobodori 1.0


Midway through July, the Hobodori had split up into two books: the Avec was alone in the Kokuyo cover (with the food log Moleskine piggybacking in the outside cover). I had also acquired a Vandori cover which was sporting two Moleskine for writing. The Jetstream valiantly trudged on.

Hobodori 2.0


Where am I now?

The Hobodori 2.0 goes on with some additions. Shall I call it 2.1?

Hobodori 2.1

The Avec still rides solo in the Kokuyo cover. I removed the food log for practicality, but more on that below.

The Vandori has expanded into 4 Moleskine, which fit comfortably in the cover. Why did they multiply? I belong to a FB group for planner enthusiasts who also write. There was an ongoing discussion one day on how to keep track of more than one series or book. Some said they kept a planner for each, some used a binder or arc system and dividers. And some people said they used a Midori cover with an insert per book. The idea struck me as interesting and I decided to use the Vandori as my writing notebook. I have a Moleskine per subject: novel, short stories, brain dump and journal. I recycled the food log into the brain dump insert




I also used some washi to create tabs for each month in the Avec so I could jump easier between them.




The Avec has become part food log, part bullet journal, part etc. I filled out a mock page on a July daily I forgot to use to give you an example. The hourly breakdown column on the dailies is my food log. The 5 item to-do in the header is used for appointment/birthdas/anniversary reminders. The blank portion of the daily is my bullet journal planner and daily notations.

I got rid of the food log insert because the Avec was already open to a daily page every day and since I don’t make many appointments, I needed something to write there. While I initially thought about keeping the log separate, if I need to submit my log to the doctor, I can just transcribe everything to a template [note to self: design a template].

mock page


The Jetstream is still rocking and while I don’t plan to change it, occassionally a Sharpie pen makes its way onto the pages. My “One Book” changed a lot during the month and I’m glad I participated in the challenge. You can’t find out what will/won’t work for you unless you actually put it to the test. The Hobonichi 2016 store is set to debut on September 1st and I’m looking forward to getting next year’s planner.

I hope you had a fun OBJ 2015 and your planners went through this month with flying colors.

Have a great day!