Moving mountains

I love music.

Growing up, my Mom played piano a lot. Both my parents love a variety of music, so there was always something playing in the background. We three kids took piano lessons, but with short, stubby fingers and the attention span of ….*squirrel!*……where was I again? Ah yes, I didn’t move forward too well into becoming a musician myself. Theatre turned out to be more my thing.

But the love of music runs deep, even if I can’t play much of it. I started out making mix tapes of songs I liked – remember sitting by the radio with a tape waiting to record the song you’d been waiting for for ages, and not caring that there was a brief second of a radio commercial in your recording, because gosh darn it, you had finally recorded that song?!….those were the good days -. Anyway, I moved from mix tapes, to mix cds and now playlists.

Although I have playlists of songs with actual words, it’s the instrumentals that have always drawn me in, wether classical, modern, movie soundtracks, etc. I put them together so I can have a background sound to help me concentrate without having to bother trying to listen to, nor follow along lyrics. I have a growing playlist that I use when I write stories, some just aimed at attaining that concentration and some aimed at pacing specific scenes.

I was going to try my hand at NaNoWriMo again this year, but my brain had too many blips and I didn’t go beyond a briefly written idea.

This song by Two Steps from Hell has been lingering around my playlist for a while now. Every time I hear it, I want to write something. Maybe I don’t need to make the 50K. Maybe I just need to get this song out of my head and onto paper.

What sounds make you want to write?