Favorite Asian Drama Couples

[The images posted here were found online. All copyright credit goes to their original creators. It is not my intention to steal anyone’s work, I’m just trying to highlight characters from dramas I love. ]

I love romance stories. Be they in book, movie or tv show, I’m a sucker for a good story and a happy ending. The couples in this list pertain to Asian dramas only.
To me, love has no gender, but if this bothers you, feel free to skip this post, or find another blog to read.

I have listed the series in alphabetical order, and placed links to their summaries on the titles.

Chicago Typewriter
Han Sejoo and Jeon Seol


Coffee Prince
Hangyul and Eunchan


Descendants of the Sun
Yoo Sijin and Kang Moyeon & Seo Daeyoung and Yoon Myungju


Fight for my way
Ko Dongman and Choi Aera


Five enough
Kim Sangmin and Lee Yeontae



It’s ok that’s love
Jang Jaeyeol and Ji Haesoo & Park Sookwang and Oh Sonyeo



Jwa Yoonyi and Nam Chiwon


Just between lovers
Lee Kangdoo and Ha Moonsoo


Kill me heal me
Cha Dohyun and Oh Rijin


Oh my Venus
Kim Youngho and Kang Jooeun


One Sunny Day
Kim Jiho and Kim Jiho


She was pretty
Kim Hyejin and Ji Sungjoon


Sotus/Sotus S
Kongpob and Arthit


Suspicious partner
No Jiwook and Eun Bonghee


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Do Bongsoon and Ahn Minhyuk


Together with me / Bad Romance
Korn and Knock


Two lights Relumino
In Soo and Soo young


W – two worlds
Kang Chul and Oh Yeonjoo


Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
Kim Bokjoo and Jung Joonhyung


Witch at Court
Ma Yideum and Yeo Jinwook



SPECIAL MENTIONS: Not all couples have a happy ending, but they have beautiful – even if sad and bittersweet – stories nonetheless.

Chicago Typewriter
Seo Hwiyoung and Ryu Soohyun



Kim Shin and Ji Euntak


Grey Rainbow
Nuer and Porsche



Son Ohgong and Jin Seonmi


Secret Love Affair
Oh Hyewon and Lee Sunjae



Of Dramas….

Oh, look! I’m still alive, hahahaha.


2008 was an eventful year for us, we got married and relocated to Okinawa, Japan for a 4 year tour. There are no words to describe how much we loved the time we spent there.

During the first few months, between job hunting, getting to know the area and adjusting to married life in a foreign country, we also had the ‘fun’ of living in a military base for the first time.
If you’ve ever lived on an american base overseas, you will have no doubt experienced AFN (Armed Forces Network), the only tv broadcasting available, unless you pay for cable from a third party.
We couldn’t afford cable back then, and we weren’t the greatest fan of the offered programing, despite the incredibly….er, creative commercials, hahahaha. I think we all have a favorite of those. Just make a search for AFN commercials on youtube. You’ll have fun.

Since internet was available, we ended up doing a lot of online streaming for our tv purposes. Some of the big names of today (Netflix, Hulu, etc) were just finding their place in the world then.

People are often surprised that growing up in Mexico, I watched a lot of Japanese anime. From Mazinger Z to Voltron, Candy Candy, Remi, to Sailor Moon, Rayearth, Dragon Ball, etc, etc, etc,…..they are a huge part of Mexican tv and most of us have watched quite a lot of it. Then at some point, I became a fan of Asian cinema (“Eat Drink Man Woman” will always have a special place in my heart….and my cravings, haha),  but I had never thought about Asian tv dramas before. I have no idea which website, or how I ran across the show, but I found a korean drama called “Coffee Prince”. And I was hooked……


Watching naughty rich boy Han-gyul and hardworking tomboy Eun-chan try to keep a coffee shop and a romance afloat, with lovable misfits Min-yeop, Ha-rim, Sun-ki and Gae-shik was a big change from the shows I was used to. The love story was sweet, the issues the characters faced real and I have lost count how many times I’ve watched the whole series since then. I remain heartbroken about the death of Lee-eon soon after the series ended.

Over the last ten years, I have watched – and often rewatched – many korean dramas, then branched out towards Taiwanese and Thai dramas as well. One of the many things I love about them, is that for the most part, they’re short; around 16-18 episodes. Instead of spending years watching a series, waiting for things to happen, amidst a sea of filler episodes, I can get it all in just a few weeks of broadcast.
I even became a shawol (SHINee fan), through the drama performances of two of its members, and the ost composition of a third.

My favorite series so far?


Other series/movies in the favorites category?

[Three of the series involve a same-sex romance. If the idea of people of the same gender having the right to fall in love with each other bothers you, you might need to find another blog to read.]

Dramas on my waitlist? Too many to count.

I’ll be writing up summaries/reviews of series and movies I have watched in the coming months.

Do you watch Asian dramas? Which are your favorites?