Still here….

Hi, it’s been a while. Last time I posted we were in moving limbo.

Well……around mid December the limbo shifted and we got our orders, with very little time to get our things and move, so crazy ensued in all its forms. We are now in New Jersey, slowly getting used to life on the East Coast.

EB has hit full on the Terrible Twos/Threes and much fun is had that way. GB continues to grow exponentially. At 9 months, he weighs nearly 30 lbs and is about to outgrow 2T clothes height-wise.

One of the main things we’ve had issues with in terms of kiddos is that most of what EB used can’t be used by GB because of how different their physical situations are. Clothing-wise to begin with, but also in terms of toys. EB LOVED his jumperoo. He spent as much time in it bouncing his head off as he could. We know GB would like it too, but alas, most jumperoos out there have a 25 lb. limit, which he’s already passed.

After much searching and surfing, I’ve come to realize that this is a fairly common problem. I’ve found forum threads from almost 10 years ago asking the same question. “What swing/jumperoo/bouncer can my big kid use?”

So… toy manufacturers of the world….could you please make products that can take a beating from a larger baby? My kiddo will be very grateful.

I hope you’re all having a good beginning of 2017 (belated Happy New Year and all that!)


Some stones hit harder than others….

As I mentioned in my previous post, we’ve nicknamed “kidney stones” those things that happen in the day to make life…..”interesting”.  

Boy, have they kept on hitting. 

After EB turned 1, there where a few things I started noticing that seemed a bit off. Being a psychologist, my brain started sorting them and pointing them in one direction. Being a Mom, I thought I might be overreacting and I brought it up to the Bear, then we brought it up to a therapist for a professional opinion. After much going back and forth, added screenings and all, it was confirmed that EB is autistic. He’s currently doing Speech and Occupational therapy, with more spectrum-specific stuff to come. He’s doing good progress there 🙂

I wish I could tell you more on that part of our lives, but it’s still fairly new and we’re taking it a day a time. We want to make sure we give EB every chance to be himself. 

GB seems to have inherited every single tall gene on either side of the family. At 6 months, he’s in 24 month old clothing and size 5 diapers. @_@ My back is not amused. 

Our previously advertised move got postponed and we’re now in waiting limbo. We kind of have a heading, just not a defined timeline. Most plans have been put on hold until further notice. 

So, the kidney stones keep piling. What an end to this year, hahaha. 

Have a good day everyone. 

Airlock meow

I love our cats. But one thing I noticed while pregnant with EB was that as my due date approached, Watson started going batty in the clingy department. I’m not sure if I smelled different or what, but good grief……it was crazy. 

This time around, we’ve hit that point again. Main difference is, that he waits until I’ve sat down for a break….which only happens after I’ve chased EB around the house for hours and he’s finally napping. 

So when I finally have the time to sit down and breathe, all I want is peace and quiet. 

Enter the Watson. 

I love this cat. But right about now, I’d love to shove him out an airlock @_o


……I can’t help it. Watching people arrange their bookshelves by cover color makes me cringe. Sure, it looks pretty, but the Dewey decimal rolls through my mind and all I want to do is catalog O_o

Happy New Year! / ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

I hope 2015 has been wonderful for all of you. If it hasn’t, remember it’s now over and you get a brand new year. Ok, technically, the New Year starts tomorrow, but for some of my friends, it’s already here.

A new year…..all the posibilities, all the great things that will come our way.

I wonder where will technology lead us? I’ve found myself doing a lot more analog things than before, though I haven’t given up on all the shiny doo-dads on my desk. New year, new ideas…….such as the invention of the book. One of my favorites, and hopefully, a good laugh to start 2016!


The fabric of Mexican craftsmanship is an amalgamation of Native and European traditions that goes back centuries.

Paints, woven textiles, sculpture, jewelry, etc. They all bear the mark of the state that produced them and its people.

My sister has started importing Mexican crafts and just opened an online store where you can check them out.

Just head out to Huapangos.

Gummy bears…..

…..because I’m feeling cryptic, exhausted and overwhelmed. 

Happy Halloween to those who celebrate it, candy day, harvest day to those who prefer that term. 

I’m more of a Día de los Muertos person, but that candy sure is tasty!

Candy on!

…..I must enter a title here at some point….or not

I have a temper.

Some would say it’s because I’m a woman. Or because I’m Mexican. I also have German and Scots-Irish blood. Some people have joked that my tutti fruity ancestry means I’m screwed in the temper department.

I usually opt  for being nice to people, even when they’re trying to piss me off. Getting pissed off only ruins my day, and there’s enough stress in my life as it is.

About 12 years ago, I was living just outside Denver. It had been a bad week. Job hunting was a bitch, my Grandmother’s dementia was going strong and I was feeling homesick.

I drove up to Walmart to get some groceries and good grief, it was packed. I hadn’t realized that it was the day after payday and everybody and their brother was out shopping. I try to shop on low traffic days because well…..I’m an introvert. I just like it better that way.

I was driving an old, rattly Bronco back then. They’re not exactly small vehicles.

Anyway, I parked, walked in and bought what I needed as fast as I could and walked out.

The parking lot was so psychotically packed, there were long lines of cars going up and down lanes trying to find a spot. I started the Bronco, hit reverse and started backing up. Holy Moly, it was like piranhas when there’s blood in the water. I had people lining up to take the spot, and they were traffic-angry.

I started a three point turn, but every time I swung a little, the cars around me got a little closer as they fought for the goshdarn spot. It wasn’t even a good parking spot, but it was A spot, so they wanted it. They encroached on me so badly, that my three point turn ended up being a million point turn and I finally managed to get out. A car zipped into it almost before my truck was out.

I took a second to breathe and the lady driving the other encroaching car lined up to me, and rolled down her window. I was confused, but rolled mine down too. She looked me in the eye, said “FUCK. YOU”, rolled her window up and drove on.

After a week of crap crap crap, that was the last straw. I drove to the next empty parking lot I could find, pulled in and sat there, crying. I can be tough about a lot of things, but that was a bad time.

The scene plays in my head often, when I hear news about the country and the world. People are SO set on having their way all the time, that they often steamroll others in their path.

It doesn’t matter which side of which argument you’re on at the moment. We are all human. We are all in the same gosh darn rock circling a bright ball of gas. Unless you figure out how to settle a new colony on another planet, we’re all in this together. I see so many people failing to recognise this.

It’s like there’s groups of kids standing around specific pieces at a playground and they’re demanding that only they get to play with the monkey bars. Or the swings. Or the slides. And they’re so hell bent on hanging on to what they think is theirs that they don’t play with it, they’re just keeping everybody else away.

And it bums me out. Because my son is going to grow up in this world. And have to face these people. And someday, he’ll turn to me and ask me in his childish innocence, why there are so many angry people in the world. And it’ll break my heart to tell him that the world is a wonderful place, but the people in it are very often crappy. It’s a harsh reality he’ll have to learn.

You know, we spend so much time telling our kids to share. It’s almost as if the concept disappeared from our minds the moment we grow up.

What a damn shame.

Of Food, logs and food logs….

Disclaimer: I am NOT a doctor, nutritionist, nurse, physical trainer, nor anyone else you can think of who can give medical/nutritional/physical advice on a professional level. The views and experiences in this post are entirety personal. Please consult a professional before making decisions that will affect your health. 


The story can be long or it can be short. And sometimes it can be both.

It is not an uncommon reality for many women today. I have PCOS (poly cystic ovary syndrome). I’ve been battling it most of my life, between meds, diets and lifestyle changes.

After two miscarriages, I was tested very early on in my third pregnancy, confirmed for gestational diabetes and placed on a very strict diet, blood testing and med regimen for most of the 9 months. I started my pregnancy at 227 lbs, arrived at delivery day with 226 and weighed in at 204 after baby.

One thing that helped me a lot during my pregnancy to keep on top of things, was a food log. And, although calories are important, in this case it was the carbs that were my main enemy. So I kept track of the second and kept the first in the back burner (my nutritionist approved). It was hard trying to find the right combination of foods that wouldn’t cause a blood sugar spike, along with the meds that would help. Add pregnancy hormones to the mix, and my pregnancy wasn’t much fun. But EB makes the whole ordeal worth it. 

At this point, the facts stand as such: I’m 5’3″ and weigh 220 lbs. I’ve gained most of the weight back and I definitely feel it. 

So I’ve decided to make an effort and rerun to the food log. I threw it out after delivery, because as many mothers out there can confirm….it’s hard enough finding the time to eat while taking care of a newborn, much less the time to write it down. 

I know there’s newfangled apps that help you keep track of food. I’ve used a couple in the past, but I find them a little too constricting. These days, I use them only from a research point of view (looking up brands, specific foods or creating ‘recipes’ to see what’s their combined nutritional value). 

I’ll be returning to the style of food log I followed while pregnant (minus the blood tests). Because in my history of dealing with PCOS, it has been the one thing that helped me the most. 

My old logs were kept in Moleskines. I filled three of them up in little less than 9 months (I was crazy detailed, haha). 
I’ll be using my Hobonichi this time around so I can keep everything together from a planner point of view. 


Pretty much describes me right now. I was going to write a post about the end of One Book July (I even thought about recording a video!), or some form of fun writing. I’m also re-evaluating the Café Roundup section.

But in the last few days, my son has started drinking regular milk, which resulted in some very interesting diapers, our windows need replacing, my stomach and head are having a party without my consent, and I’m just….drained.

So, no fun post, other than wishing you a great weekend. I leave you with two cool things….

This guy lives in our city and does fun vlogs.

If you’re a fan of Neil Gaiman, and haven’t watched “Behind the trees”, it’s cute. I talk in my sleep too, but I doubt I am that clever. Mostly, I snore loud enough to wake myself up.

Have a great one everyone!