Still here….

Hi, it’s been a while. Last time I posted we were in moving limbo.

Well……around mid December the limbo shifted and we got our orders, with very little time to get our things and move, so crazy ensued in all its forms. We are now in New Jersey, slowly getting used to life on the East Coast.

EB has hit full on the Terrible Twos/Threes and much fun is had that way. GB continues to grow exponentially. At 9 months, he weighs nearly 30 lbs and is about to outgrow 2T clothes height-wise.

One of the main things we’ve had issues with in terms of kiddos is that most of what EB used can’t be used by GB because of how different their physical situations are. Clothing-wise to begin with, but also in terms of toys. EB LOVED his jumperoo. He spent as much time in it bouncing his head off as he could. We know GB would like it too, but alas, most jumperoos out there have a 25 lb. limit, which he’s already passed.

After much searching and surfing, I’ve come to realize that this is a fairly common problem. I’ve found forum threads from almost 10 years ago asking the same question. “What swing/jumperoo/bouncer can my big kid use?”

So… toy manufacturers of the world….could you please make products that can take a beating from a larger baby? My kiddo will be very grateful.

I hope you’re all having a good beginning of 2017 (belated Happy New Year and all that!)


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