Some stones hit harder than others….

As I mentioned in my previous post, we’ve nicknamed “kidney stones” those things that happen in the day to make life…..”interesting”.  

Boy, have they kept on hitting. 

After EB turned 1, there where a few things I started noticing that seemed a bit off. Being a psychologist, my brain started sorting them and pointing them in one direction. Being a Mom, I thought I might be overreacting and I brought it up to the Bear, then we brought it up to a therapist for a professional opinion. After much going back and forth, added screenings and all, it was confirmed that EB is autistic. He’s currently doing Speech and Occupational therapy, with more spectrum-specific stuff to come. He’s doing good progress there 🙂

I wish I could tell you more on that part of our lives, but it’s still fairly new and we’re taking it a day a time. We want to make sure we give EB every chance to be himself. 

GB seems to have inherited every single tall gene on either side of the family. At 6 months, he’s in 24 month old clothing and size 5 diapers. @_@ My back is not amused. 

Our previously advertised move got postponed and we’re now in waiting limbo. We kind of have a heading, just not a defined timeline. Most plans have been put on hold until further notice. 

So, the kidney stones keep piling. What an end to this year, hahaha. 

Have a good day everyone. 


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