Kidney stone days….

So the other day I had some interesting 5 minutes….

EB pooped, I set GB down, changed EB and while going to toss the diaper, I dropped it and poop rolled out onto the carpet. While scooping it up, GB realized that he was not being held and the bouncer doesn’t quite cut it, so he flipped his lid and started screaming. 
At this moment, the cats decided that it was perfect time to start running around the house like a deranged pack of horses, hissing at each other. And EB decided he had to match them for running speed. 

I managed to finish cleaning the poop, kick the cats out to the backyard, wash my hands, make a bottle and pick GB up. 
I sat there, feeding the baby, with EB galloping around the house and the Bear texts me to ask how my day has been. 
“Interesting” doesn’t quite cover the previous 5 minutes. 

A couple weeks ago, I ran across this phrase on social media:

I don’t know whom to credit for the phrase. But I fell in love with it. 

And it’s become a short answer, code word-type deal in our household. 

“What’s your day been like?”
“Kidney stones. Big ones”. 

And we immediately get it. 

Do you have “kidney stones” in your life?

I hope they pass quickly. 

Have a great day!


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