The Bu in the Jo

As I mentioned before, I love the ideas behind the Midori, the Bullet Journal (a.k.a. Bujo) and Hobonichi. 

I talked most about my Fauxdori in the previous post, but do I bullet journal? What happens to the Hobonichi?

By their powers combined, I schedule things. 

This is pretty much what it looks like:

 Anything that has a specific date, goes on the dated side. 

I use one of the right hand columns for meal planning, although I usually write the meals after the week is over as a log of what we’ve eaten and to give myself an idea of what works/doesn’t work. 

The remaining space on the right goes to my weekly checklist. Right now, it’s mostly an ongoing thing: 2 laundry days a week, vacuuming, etc. I add part of our pre-moving schedule: paring down, donation items, etc. Thibgs get migrated/cancelled depending on how things are looking up. 

And that’s about it. Nothing fancy, just keeping myself accountable. 


2 thoughts on “The Bu in the Jo

  1. Kas says:

    I love these glimpses into how you use your planners! I used to plan out meals ahead of time but I haven’t been for some time now. I tend to have a plan in my head that is repeatedly edited, but I haven’t written it out for some time. This reminds me that those darkened lines are so handy and since I purchased the hobonichi as a tool to declutter my brain, this has been a reminder to me that I should really be writing out my meal plans and using all that paper space I have! 😅 Your posts are getting me inspired. I’m thinking of doing my own write-up now. It’s hard to find non-art-journal Hobonichi inspiration out there.

    • Diana Q says:

      The artsy Hobonichis, Midoris et al, are fun to look at, but I know if I tried I’d loose my mind, hahahahaha. Plain and simple works for me best.
      We started meal planning as a way to stay on budget and so far it has worked. We don’t have really fancy plans, just make sure we have four meals, plus one leftover day during the work week and the weekends are usually free-for-alls, hehe.
      I’d love to see what you come up with!

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