It will remain a common denominator on this blog that I don’t have much free time. Between a toddler and an impending move, I will find myself running around like a chicken with its head cut off for the foreseeable future.

I do love to write, keep my mind moving. Unfortunately, my mind peeks out its sad, weary, lonely head randomly when I type on this blog or try to do some journaling. Some days, I can unwind on a page and some days I can barely form a coherent sentence.

Much like this post! 😀 (coffee and tea have been trying to kill me lately, so my brain is running on fumes).

Moving right along……

Not too long ago, this popped up on my IG feed:


I followed the link back to the blog post and found the concept of keeping a logbook interesting. The author also linked towards two more sources: Austin Kleon’s Blog (who seems to be the origin idea for many logbooks I found) and Mike Rohde’s blog.

Growing up a child of two countries (the U.S. and Mexico), meant that we travelled a lot to see family. We’d drive up to visit my grandparents in Colorado, or around Mexico. Old fashioned, get-in-the-car and drive adventures. The kind that drive you insane until you’re older and remember them fondly, hahahaha.

Anyway, during those trips we kept a logbook of our traveling. As it were, I was in charge of keeping it: mileage, pit stops, hours, where we stayed for the night, random adventures on the way, the occasional flat tire, weather, etc. Over the years we accumulated a stack of little black notebooks with all our travel data, which my Dad used to do planning for further trips. Most importantly, they are good family memories.

So, while I’m not always up for trying to write down things on a journal in nice, flowing sentences, the notion of writing down daily family events for posterity, even if it’s in a log form does appeal to me greatly.

Additionally, following Mike Rohde’s blog link up there, had me reading on Sketchnotes. I’m not sure I’ll fork over the money for the books and videos, but it did make me think back on my high school and university notes.
You know how some children in school learn better when they’re allowed to work at a standing desk? I am unable to pay attention in a lecture unless my hands are occupied. And notes alone don’t fit the ‘occupied’ bill as often as I’d like. I spent most of my classes drawing and sometimes even knitting. My teachers were often confused by this, but they eventually figured out I could follow what they were saying when I was busy. I haven’t looked at many of those notebooks in years, but if I remember well, there were more doodles than actual notes on the pages. It made studying for finals very interesting! Ha!

I’d like to start journal/logging again, coupled up with doodling and sketching, and see if it helps with trying to keep a type of record for the coming year.

Do you write down your daily memories? Do you journal? Log?

Have a great day!



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