Hobonichi 2016 haul. 

Disclaimer: Hobonichi is not sponsoring me. They don’t even know who I am. The views and blunders are my own. Thank you.

Good grief.

This was a tough decision.

On my last Hobonichi post, I mentioned that I was going to use September as a trial of sorts before making a final decision on which of the planners to get. Plans kind of backfired a little on me, but I’m still happy with what I got.

I can’t remember whose video I was watching on the Techo line, but I remember that they had gotten the original A6 size, because the Cousin seemed a little too much space to deal with. I pondered on that, and came to the conclusion that they had a very valid point. The Cousin might not be your standard letter size page, but sometimes it’s a little daunting to fill out a daily. At least for me. I have a considerably amount of empty space just hanging around.

So I started leaning heavily in the direction of the A6 Techo. At the same time, I had started looking up reviews and pictures on the Weeks planner.  These days, I don’t have much in the way of daily appointments, but more of a list of things I would like to accomplish by the end of the week.  So, a part of me started leaning heavily on the Weeks direction.

Split 50/50. What to do?

I went back to my initial points on planner choosing.

  • I needed a weekly to-do list.
  • I needed a monthly layout to do some forward planning.
  • I needed a daily food log.

Luckily for me, Hobonichi introduced a feature in their store, where after you hit purchase on your order, you can go back and place it on hold for up to 60 days. Gives you time to decide if you really really want the items, add things, remove things, etc.

Unfortunately for me, I’m brain dead. As soon as I realized that the Hobonichi store was open for business on launch day, I – along with a few thousand other people around the world – started hitting refresh on their page. And it took me about half a day to actually place my order: the A6 Techo with the Framboise Chocolat cover. I had planned to go back and place it on hold, but the site was so slow, that by the time I got to it, the order had been processed and I couldn’t.

As I waited for my order to ship, I spent a few days looking at other things offered in the site, and ended up ordering the Red Weeks.

So I had two orders on the way instead of waiting the whole month to ponder on what I really wanted. Ha! Mommy Brain attacks again (though let’s face it, I’d be a scatterbrain even without a kid).


Here’s the Techo and Weeks side by side for comparison. The Sharpie pen is there for size reference. I had heard that the original Techo was roughly about the size of a 4×6 postcard/photograph and I can attest to that. Both planners fit comfortably in your hand and are pretty light. The red in both covers is gorgeous.

I’ve linked their respective “Features” pages above, but I’ll share with you some things that I liked.

The inside of the Framboise Chocolat cover is a nice chocolate brown. The “Q” sticker is mine, not included with the set.

Both planners have a monthly section. The Weeks monthly squares are one grid taller, but they are narrower.

Both the Techo and the Cousin have received an update in the daily sections. Before every month begins, there’s a “Remember this” page for monthly goals. I like this a lot!

The Weeks has the whole year in a two page layout for easy viewing. As usual, Saturdays are in grey, Sundays in pink (the other pinks are Japanese holidays). The space on this layout is very small to try to write in it, but I think for someone who is tracking something specific (expenses, weight, AIC, etc), it could be very handy. I’m still planning what I’ll be tracking here.

As its name indicates, the Weeks has a weekly layout. Mon-Sun on one side, and grid on the other. The dated side has three nearly imperceptible dots along the division lines so you can section off each day into three parts if you need to. The grid page also has very slight delineations to help create sections as you see fit.

Both the Techo and the Weeks have a blank grid section at the back. On the Weeks, however, this section includes an index at the front of the section and all the blank grid pages (71 of them) are numbered.

And that’s it for my Hobonichi haul! I’m still deciding how I’m going to use both planners and I’ve found some very good ideas to proceed, but I’d like to refine them a little more before I post anything specific about it.

Do you use Hobonichi? Which one did you get for next year?


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