Plan with me? 

In the world of planner fans, “plan with me” videos and posts are popular. You can watch someone use washi, markers, stickers and other fun things to create a beautiful layout.

I started thinking about mine and then one of the planner challenges on Instagram was “My planning routine”.

My planning sessions are akin to the ‘squirrel!’ moments by the dogs from the movie “Up”. Every time I hear movement through the monitor, I freeze.

Usually, it goes something like this:

EB is out for a nap.

  1. Must do everything I haven’t been able to do: dishes, laundry, drink my lukewarm coffee, try to remember if I’ve eaten yet, use the restroom, look at the window for a few seconds.
  2. Remember that I have a planner.
  3. Where did I see it last?
  4. *EB!!*
  5. False alarm. What was I doing? Have I sat down and taken a deep breath today?
  6. Planner, I was looking for a planner.
  7. Need to rotate laundry.
  8. Laundry rotated.
  9. Where did I last see planner? *checks under couch*. Got it.
  10. Where’s my pen? *checks couch*. Nope.
  11. Where did I last see pen?
  12. *dishwasher beeps*
  13. Found pen.
  14. *EB!!*
  15. Another false alarm. Did I actually eat?
  16. *stands in front of fridge and stares at food* when did I last shower?
  17. Oh, yes planner.
  18. EB is up for real this time.

Set planner on a shelf and go back to being Mommy until next nap of the day happens (if it happens)

  1. EB’s napping!
  2. Must rotate laundry again.
  3. *toss clean laundry on couch and halfheartedly attempt to sort it*
  4. Must put dishes away.
  5. There was something I was meaning to do.
  6. Oh, planner. Where did I leave it? Under couch again? Nope.
  7. I really should start dinner.
  8. *gets stuff out*
  9. *EB!!*
  10. Nope. Food, I was plotting food. Planning foo—-Planner! I was looking for a planner.
  11. *chops ingredients, goes looking for planner*
  12. Planner found, where was that pen? *finds pen*
  13. *EB!!*
  14. Another false alarm. *sets planner aside, attempts to cook*
  15. *cats decide it’s time to race through every single room in the house, while singing the song of their people*
  16. *checks temperature, decides 33° and raining might be too cold to toss cats outside*
  17. EB is up. Thanks, cats.

Set planner back on shelf, kick myself for not using the restroom while I had a chance and get EB up, attempt to feed him a snack while cooking dinner. Eat, shower EB, pjs. Play time. Bring in last load of laundry and attempt to fold it, while EB helps me sort socks. And by sort, I mean grabbing handfuls then running up and down the room shaking them. This kid loves his cardio, haha.

By 10-11 pm, he finally goes to bed, I manage to put laundry away, put dishes away, attempt to put toys away so we don’t trip over them too much.

Finally! Planner time.

  1. Grab planner.
  2. Grab pen.
  3. Sit down.
  4. Stare at planner for five minutes, while trying to remember what I wanted to plan in the first place.
  5. Realize I’ve been sitting down on the couch for at least five minutes staring at the blank page, and I might have fallen asleep with my eyes open.
  6. Scribble something random, put everything away, try to plot anything necessary for the next day and crash in bed.

There you have it! A play by play plan with me session, by yours truly.



5 thoughts on “Plan with me? 

  1. Kas says:

    My daughter went through a brief period where she took a one hour nap each day. It was heaven, though, like you, it was go, go, GO! in the most hectic way possible. It’s been such a relief that as a toddler she has times where she’s so good at entertaining herself. She no longer naps, though, but somehow I feel like I have more planning time because she’s able to entertain herself. Still not a lot of time, just a bit of relief. 🙂

    • Diana Q says:

      He’s very slowly entering that stage (at last!). Right now he starts playing by himself, but has a sixth sense that tells him if I’ve opened a book or pulled out a pen, hahaha.

      • Kas says:

        I’m afraid they never lose that sixth sense–at least not that I’ve seen! Once in a while though, I can give my daughter her own notebook and we “draw” together or we “read” together. This only happens when the planets have aligned just right.

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