October Challenges

Sometimes it’s easy to find inspiration to be creative. Sometimes its hard. Too many things happen in daily life and in my case, trying to find the time to finish a cup of coffee is a hard enough task (finding the cup of ice cold leftover liquid becomes a challenge, as I stick the cup on whatever shelf I can while running after EB. It’s become a rather creative endeavour on its own).

There’s challenges out there to help the creative juices. They’re aimed at a variety of subjects from drawing to journaling, calligraphy, etc. Bottom line….getting you to be creative.

Here’s a few:

Listersgottalist – Created by The Reset Girl, there’s daily prompts and at its simplest, it is about making a list based on the prompts, decorate, etc. You can also use them if you’re out of journaling ideas. A new list goes up each month. Check out the hasthag #listersgottalist on instagram to find out how people have made this challenge their own.

Llamas love lettering October challenge – Created by Cindy Guentert-Baldo, the lettering challenge is a lot of fun. You can also find her awesome Llamas Love Lettering tutorials on Youtube. This is her second lettering challenge, and the first one (#creativechallengegonewild on Instagram) was a lot of fun.

InkTober – Created by Mr Jake Parker, the challenge consists of ink drawings/doodles. One a day for the length of October.

It is never too late to start plotting your NaNoWriMo adventure. Whether you’re a planner or a pantser, you can use October to either draft your story or collect the tools of your trade (candy is a tool, I swear it is).

Are you doing a challenge this month? Know of different challenges? Let me know!


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