Hobonichi 2016 Lineup.

Disclaimer: Hobonichi is not sponsoring me. They don’t even know who I am. The views and blunders are my own. Thank you.


Hobonichi released the covers for their 2016 lineup as a preview. The 2016 store will go live on September 1st.

The preview is in Japanese, but per their Facebook release:

The English descriptions will be available once the English 2016 online store is all ready. For now you can poke around the photos in the Japanese site, and we’ll be introducing covers on the Facebook page as we go along. Once the 2016 English store is live, you will also be able to purchase the Weeks and avec books without having to go through the Japanese store.

Being able to order the Weeks and Avec through the English site will be a nice update for many people. It wasn’t an impossible task to accomplish through the Japanese site, but this makes it handier.

I can’t believe I’m typing this, but I’m actually wavering between the A6 and A5 planners. Functionality, price, size, portability, etc. All are factors affecting my decision. I might hold off on buying one on release day and use September as my personal “One Book” in terms of planning.

I’ve also decided to get a Hobonichi cover for my next planner. I’ve watched many video reviews and they’ve won me over. Cover-wise, the new lineup is nice, though I wish the same colors and designs were available for both sizes of planners.

I love the basic navy and red covers in the A6 size, but they are not available on the larger one.

A6 navy and red

There is a Hello Kitty cover available for both sizes and I can hear some of my friends hyperventilating and camping out at their computers until September 1st so they can be the first to get it.

A6 hello kitty

Also in the A6 size, “run run run” is pretty cute.


A6 run run run

In the A5, “Marinière” is pretty and colorful. From the date on top, I asume that it will be available in November.

A5 Mariniere

Much pondering, much anticipation. If you’re a Hobonichi fan, which covers do you look forward to the most? Which size will you be buying?

Have a great day!!



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