Café Roundup #4

Disclaimer: None of the companies mentioned in this post are sponsoring me. They don’t even know who I am. The views and blunders are my own. Thank you. 


Instead of spamming social media with things I find, I’ll do a weekly post with some of the things that get tangled up in my brain. Or hair. Really, it has a mind of its own.

 Aperture, shutter speed and ISO infographic. Pretty self explanatory. I got a camera a couple years ago and I really need to explore the ins and outs of it before it grows grey hairs. The site is in German, but the infographic is universal.

13 ways to hack your writing.

There’s a new Good Omens hardcover on the way. I’m so very tempted.

Some years ago, I ran into Hybridworks while looking for interesting computer icons. I’ve used their Japanese set (Yoritsuki and Sakura) on my computer ever since. They also have an iPhone/ipad app called Yoritsuki which simulates the view from a traditional Japanese bathhouse. It’s a paid app and it does not give you points, it’s not a game. It’s just…..downright relaxing. You can set your view as you wish, and enjoy. Setting it on a timer, with their rain mode has helped me unwind many times. Do you have a different set of icons you want to use to change the look of yours? This is how you change them in MacOS.

Have a good week, everyone.


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