Xalos Mexican Grill – a review

Disclaimer: The restaurant mentioned in this post is not sponsoring me. They don’t even know who I am. The views and blunders are my own. Thank you.


Having been born and raised in Mexico, I have a tendency to be picky about Mexican restaurants outside of the country. Some are Mexican, some are “mexican” and some I’ve yet to figure it out.
But on the rare ocasion that I find one, happiness ensues.

Meet Xalos Mexican Grill in Anchorage, AK. Here’s some reasons why you should love it too:

First: I love their carne asada tacos, but on my latest visit, they had a special I had been missing for a long time: tacos al pastor.
My only complaints was that tacos al pastor have a very specific look since the pork is sliced off meat roasting on a vertical spit. But the flavors were there and I really hope their special becomes a permanent addition to the menu.

Second: Beans. Most “mexican” restaurants will give you a plate with a pool of slowly expanding greasy bean lava, next to very old, dry, reddish-colored rice.
People don’t seem to realize that beans are eaten whole as often as they’re eaten ground in Mexico. Xalos gives you three bean options: black, pintos and refried. And I love them for that.

Thirdly: the salsa bar. No half-assed weird chile concoctions at this place. Your options are great and varied on heat level. You can fill up little containers with them for your table or take out. It’s beautiful. As a lady said the other day: “You can’t just send someone to get these for you. It’s a very personal experience”. Yes, it is. The avocado salsa  is gooood.

Fourthly: Drinks! There’s the array of Mexican sodas, but what always draws me in is the aguas frescas (“fresh waters”, a large variety of freshly prepared drinks ranging from fresh fruit to teas, served chilled). Xalos pours both Jamaica (Hibiscus) and Horchata (sweet rice). The cup in the taco picture above is ice cold Horchata.

Finally, if you need further proof that the food is worth it, every time we’ve been there, we’ve seen firefighters buying food. If people who are short on time will take some of that time to drop by for food, you know it’s good.

So head over to Xalos if you’re in Anchorage. You’ll have a great meal.

Now…..if someone would start selling Escuis de Hierro up here, I’d be a very happy camper.

Where can you find Xalos Mexican Grill?
If you know where the Bass Pro is, you can find Xalos. They’re on the same lot.


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