There’s something in marine biology called Cetacean surfacing behavior. Basically, behaviors of whales, dolphins, etc. when they surface for air, playing, etc.
I love seein pictures/videos of when they lunge/breach out of the water and just flop back in sideways. I imagine if you’re a lonely sailor out on a dingy and a whale does this next to you, you’re pretty much toast.

The image below is from the Wikipedia article, not sure who to credit for it.

But, I digress. Or egress….or change the conversation. Kind of.

Allow me to reboot my brain…….




Nope…..not working.

Ah, yes, lunging. There’s a moment in the first couple of months of your child’s life when they start trying to lift their heads.

And oh, my goodness, do they ever flail. And headbutt. EB gave me a few painful fat lips when he went through that stage. Now that GB is entering it, I’m debating buying a helmet, hahahahaha.

But here’s the best bit……You’ll be holding them in your arms, and delude yourself into thinking that they’re nice and settled and you lean them against one shoulder, while you stretch your opposite arm to do something important, like open a door, pick up your lukewarm coffee, pull that bit of oatmeal that your toddler threw at you out of your hair…..

And all of a sudden, your little bundle of joy will decide that this is the perfect time to try and lift their head. And they LUNGE, just like that picture up there. And all of a sudden, you have a flailing, lunging, falling child and you have to let go of whatever you just grabbed to catch them.

And you’ll have a little heart attack.

Then you catch them and they look at you with a gurgle and smile and you try to jump start your heart and brain. And you’re glad you survived and tell yourself they won’t catch you unawares again.

……right. I need more coffee.

Childbirth myth

I’ve heard often that the birth of your second (and third, etc) child will be easier than the first. My Mom, for example, was in labor for 24 hours with her first, then 1/2 hour with her second (me).
Well……it’s a nice myth, haha. After being induced with EB, I spent about 2 hours in labor altogether. With GB, I came 15 minutes away from crossing the 20 hour line, hahahaha. The epidural didn’t do much for me, and our little boy came in at just over 10 lbs (4.5 kg). 
Considering that my Abuelita had 4 children, all of whom weighed at least 5 kg at birth, I consider myself lucky and look forward to being to sit down normally sometime in the future. 

I’m not the kind of person who goes crazy over “cutesy” aspects of life, but I gotta say that, fresh out of the tank, wrinkly baby toes are too cute for words and all I wanna do is tickle them. 

Have a great day, everyone. 


Instant grams that is. Yeah, I’m a dork.

I’ve been working on more serious blog posts, but my level of exhaustion has increased beyond my wildest expectations.

So instead…..Instagram feeds! These are some of my favorites, in alphabetical order:

Alton Brown – with his combination of food, science and geek, he’s probably my favorite celebrity chef. His IG feed is always fun.

Anoushka Irukandji – beautiful designs, both on paper and skin.

Huapangos Mexico – My sister’s store IG.

Humans of New York – There is a story behind every face. Some are amusing, some are heartbreaking. All are worth listening to.

Moustache Stationery – Monthly stationery subscription. Need a referral link? Here’s one. It gives me points towards a free box. When you create an account, you’ll receive a link of your own:)

National geographic – Breathtaking images of the world.

Ninja traveling – Trina O’Gorman’s IG feed about journaling and life.

Page flutter  – Blogger M.J. Rutell and organizer of the “6 word short story challenge”.

Perfect Pending – Parenting fun.

Pretty Prints and Paper – One of the first bullet journalers I found who uses a travelers notebook.

Tatsuya Tanaka’s Miniature Calendar.

Veteran Vision Project – The account that made me join Instagram.

Visothkakvei – Art❤

Airlock meow

I love our cats. But one thing I noticed while pregnant with EB was that as my due date approached, Watson started going batty in the clingy department. I’m not sure if I smelled different or what, but good grief……it was crazy. 

This time around, we’ve hit that point again. Main difference is, that he waits until I’ve sat down for a break….which only happens after I’ve chased EB around the house for hours and he’s finally napping. 

So when I finally have the time to sit down and breathe, all I want is peace and quiet. 

Enter the Watson. 

I love this cat. But right about now, I’d love to shove him out an airlock @_o

Covering sounds

Brain still on standby, but after a bad phone to laptop sync, I ended up having to rebuild a few playlists and I got to listening to many tunes I hadn’t paid attention to in a while.

There are songs that are just so……great, and inspiring, and amazing, that other artists pick them up and sing them with their own voices. It is very difficult to find a song cover that really honors the original (I don’t think I’ll ever hear a good “Bohemian Rhapsody” cover). I bring you two examples that I like. In both cases, the original artists approved of the cover.


THE ORIGINAL: “The Sound of silence” by Simon & Garfunkel.

THE COVER: “The Sound of Silence” by Disturbed.



THE ORIGINAL: “Hurt”, composed by Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails).

THE COVER: “Hurt” by Johnny Cash.



These pregnant days

I spent a lot of time barefoot growing up. Sure, I had shoes for school, church, flip flops, etc. But as soon as I got home, shoes were off, regardless of my being indoors or out in the backyard.
This is fairly common for a lot of people, specially if you live in a hot weather climate.

As an adult, my feelings towards shoes haven’t changed much. I still spend most of my day barefoot around the house. If I have to wear shoes, these are my current choices:

1. A pair of walking shoes for everyday. Since they’re basically the only shoes I wear year round, I usually buy nice, quality shoes with good foot support.

2. A pair of snow boots for bad weather.

3. Not really for going out, but a pair of old Crocs that I wear from time to time when I’m cleaning and don’t want to track dirt from room to room.

…..and that’s it. I have a couple pairs of flip flops vegetating in the closet that see the light of day every other leap year.  I don’t go fancy places that require fancy shoes, so my footwear shopping happens whenever my everyday shoes pretty much begin falling apart.

The thing about being pregnant, is that your body changes in more ways than one.


A friend of mine shared this article the other day: “10 Reasons Why Women Who Hate Being Pregnant Should Talk About It More”.

I have met women who have said that being pregnant was the only time in their lives when they felt truly happy. And I’m happy for them. I fully fall into the category described in the article linked above. I wholeheartedly agree that talking about what happens during pregnancy needs to happen more and more. I worked with young women at a rehab center who were pregnant and had no idea about what was happening to their bodies. To say that some of them were shocked is to put it lightly.

I’ve been pregnant 4 times, and so far the actual process hasn’t exactly been a happy one 100% of the time:

The first two ended in ER tears and tragedy.

The third, EB, was a stressful time. Between the memory of the two loses, the weight of gestational diabetes and the ups and downs of pregnancy itself, I was pretty high strung throughout the nine months. When EB ended up in the NICU on day two, I just about lost my mind (he recovered quickly, thank God, not sure about my mind).

The fourth is still in progress, and I’m so ready for June to get here.

I love my children. The ones in Heaven, the one currently snoring next to me and the one trying to test the physical limitations of my ribs.

I can deal with the cravings, having to pee every five seconds and I have no problem with saying no to alcohol. I can deal with the back pain and night sweats. Hair in strange places is sometimes amusing, and feeling those kicks can be pretty cute.

As your body changes during pregnancy, some things change that might not occur to you, like your feet. My very comfortable walking shoes now hurt me at every step. I’ve been wearing my old, work-around-the-house Crocs and even those are starting to bother. At least the weather is warming up and I don’t have to worry about walking through snow nearly barefoot. The pain got so bad, that I couldn’t move without limping heavily. The OB referred me to Orthopedics, who unfortunately can’t do anything about it, since I can’t have an x-ray until after delivery. With EB, it was carpal tunnel during pregnancy and for months after delivery. I still have some very attractive hardcore wrist braces from those days.

As a long-time migraine sufferer, I hate that I can’t take the meds I need to kill a headache. Specially when my son wants to play with me and I’m in too much pain to even open my eyes. I lucked out in the morning sickness department, as I pretty much had none. Migraines, on the other hand……ergh.

The first time you’re pregnant, although all the information on what to do is coded into your DNA, your body is in a bit of a shock. It’s the first time it’s had to grow a human. The second (and third, fourth, etc) time….your body knows what to expect. And it goes all out.

Which is why women who’re pregnant for a second time show a baby belly earlier. Things swell faster, get bigger, joints loosen up more than before. Actions such as coughing, sneezing and even eating become painful. I ate two slices of toast the other day and then spent the next four hours feeling like I’d eaten an entire Thanksgiving turkey with all the popular sides.

And oh, my goodness, do I ever miss breathing. It’s funny how you take something so basic for granted until it’s gone.

As the weather has warmed up, I’ve been wanting to take EB out to the park so he can run amuck, but between the aching feet, the exploding head and the inability to fill my lungs with oxygen, it’s near impossible to keep up with him. And this kiddo is fast @_@

Nope. I do not enjoy being pregnant. There’s no adorable mother-to-be glow about my person.

What is parenting like? These guys have great answers (beware, some might have language not suitable for kiddos): Fowl Language, Story of this life, Perfection Pending.

Soon, there will be two kiddos running amuck through the house, who will do their absolute best effort in driving me even more insane than I could ever fathom.

Is this whole thing worth it?  Yep. It most certainly is.


……I can’t help it. Watching people arrange their bookshelves by cover color makes me cringe. Sure, it looks pretty, but the Dewey decimal rolls through my mind and all I want to do is catalogO_o


As I’ve grown older, I have slowly realized how much of my childhood was defined by music. 

From my Dad’s records, his whistling, my Mom playing the piano or singing, we three kids taking piano lessons, then my brother and his guitar. Radio, records, tapes, adding all the choir music throughout our years in catholic school. 

There are many songs I associate with events, places and people. 

If I had to narrow my parents’ themes, it would be Chopin for my Mom and Vivaldi for my Dad. 

This waltz in particular always makes me think of home.